About this Platform

WHO? All who are open to growth are respectfully welcome here. This is not specifically a Christian blog, but my faith and identity in Jesus Christ are part of my DNA, which will (hopefully) shine through.

WHAT? I don’t want to limit this space to just one or two topics or initiatives. I’m an eclectic woman with diverse experiences and passions, so I’ll likely include thoughts, stories, funnies, encouragement, to name a few. Freedom is the intended framework.

WHEN? Now. No more procrastinating. “Delayed obedience is still disobedience,” (Cheryl Roseborough – Founder, Self Esteem Elevated). I’m choosing to obediently follow the stirring in my heart – that someone else may benefit from my transparency.

WHEN? God only knows. I could end up writing from (or for) any corner of the globe…maybe or maybe not in real time. Life isn’t exactly linear.

WHY? Why not…


(PC: @chrissyschield – Fort Worth, TX)